Short Films 2018

Short Film: Rufus King Park

About the Film

Sharon & Matthew both suffering from cancer last stage meet by chance. They become good friends over time & decide to spend their last lap of their lives together as much as they can.

Cast: Stacey Van Gorder, Akono Dixon



Director: Vinay Pujara

Vinay Pujara is an India born filmmaker. Started his career in Bollywood as an Assistant Director. After taking classes at NYU’s filmmaking school as well as other’s in 2012, he has since completed 9 short films and is in pre production for his first feature. His company “Sun Om Productions Inc.” is quickly outputting content with strong themes. Vinay has valued his films in the sense of being fearless pieces that tell a story from a view that is not often seen. His past short films have been screened at film festivals around the globe as well as have won some awards.

Runtime: 13 minutes

Genre: Drama

Language: English

Country: USA

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Short Film: Gandhi vs Justice

About the Film

The story, inspired from true life events, is of a middle class man, Professor Narayan Gandhi , whose small house in an old building which stood in an upscale area of Mumbai, has been usurped by a unscrupulous builder. The builder is required to give Prof. an apartment in the newly redeveloped multi-storied building constructed on the land where Professor Gandhi’s old house stood but refuses to give his house, knowing very well that he can manipulate the Judicial system to deprive the Prof. of his rights, just as he as done with other owners. The Professor is forced to go to Court and has to wage a 10 year long fight for justice in a Trial Court in the city of Mumbai where, he has to wrestle the Indian Judicial system which is misused by the rich and powerful. Is he successful in getting back his house? His struggle for Justice and his Mahatma Gandhian way of fighting for Justice, which could be an inspiration for many people worldwide who believe in Justice !

Cast: Gyan Prakash, Shahnawaz Pradhan, Shruti Sharma, Ashique Hussain, Sanjay Gurbaxani, Deepak Kriplani, Sandeep Bose, Ashwani Kumar, Princy Sudhakaran

Director: Pratik Khandhadiya

Having started his career as an Assistant Director in Hindi feature film ‘Raja Hindustani’, Pratik went on to work on TV commercials for various clients with Mobius and Palette Ad.Production Houses and Advertising Agencies in Mumbai. Having had his fill of TVC’s he took a sabbatical to rediscover himself and found social issues which plague Indian Society intriguing, one of which he has highlighted and Written and Directed into ‘Gandhi v/s Tareekh Pe Tareekh’ ( Gandhi v/s Justice). Pratik with Daisy currently run Ad Production Cos.,Megapixel and Piece of Cake Productions in Mumbai

Runtime: 20 minutes

Genre: Drama

Language: Hindi

Country: India

Indian flag