Needhi Naadhi Oke Katha (Feature Film), Fall (Short Film)

Feature Film: Needhi Naadhi Oke Katha

Saturday, Sept 8th, 2018
7:00 PM at
Music Recital Hall


About the Film

A middle-class youth raises his voice against the traditional, standardized system of education that does not take into account each student’s skill and nor make them think.

Post Screening Discussion with Director Venu Udugula and Actor Sree Vishnu

Cast: Sree Vishnu, Satna Titus, Rajsekhar Aninji, Krishna Morali Posani, Devi Prasad, Nara Rohith

Director: Venu Udugula

Venu Udugula is an Indian film Director, who has worked predominantly in Telugu movie industry . Venu Udugula’s previous film to hit the theatres was Needhi Naadhi Oke Katha in the year 2018 .

Runtime: 120 minutes

Language: Telugu

Genre: Drama

Country: India

Indian flag

Short Film: Fall

About the Film

This movie weaves together the struggles of a former undercover agent, Michael Williams in shaking off the demons from his traumatic past with the help of a passionate psychiatrist, Dr. Olivia Thomas. FALL provides a brief peek into the state of a disturbed mind with glimpses of vivid illusionary experiences. The movie’s intent is to break the stereotypes adopted while narrating a mainstream subject by featuring a predominantly minority cast and team members.

Cast: Jiju Nair, Sindhu Nair, Praveen Kumar

Director: Vigil Bose

I grew up in India and while growing up I was part of The Little Theater group that helped nurture my acting and story telling skills. I graduated in Business Administration from George Washington University School of Business in 2013. I am a passionate film maker who believes in departing from the norm while making movies. I was part of many short movies and have always imbibed the true spirit of storytelling through visual medium. I am also a firm believer in bringing in the latest technology innovations to the fine art of movie making. I currently live in Sterling, Virginia.

Runtime: 20 minutes

Genre: Thriller

Language: English

Country: USA

American flag