My Pure Land (Feature Film), Kachrachi (Short Film), Gandhi vs Justice (Short Film)

Feature Film: My Pure Land

Sunday, Sept 9th, 2018
2:00 PM at


About the Film

MY PURE LAND is a film based on a true story. A young woman called Nazo and her mother and sister are called to defend their home after a bitter family feud leads to her father’s incarceration. In their isolated farmhouse in Pakistan, the women find themselves surrounded by armed men hired by their Uncle Mehrban to take back the land. When Nazo’s resistance leaves two of the men dead, an enraged Mehrban calls in a local ragtag militia – two hundred armed bandits. But even with only a handful of bullets left, Nazo refuses to give in..

Mother! and My Pure Land – this weeks best film in the UK – Gaurdian 

Cast: Suhaee Abro, Eman Malik, Syed Tanveer-Hussain, Razia Malik, Atif Akhtar Bhatti, Tayyab Azfal, Ahsen Murad

Director: Sarmad Masud

My Pure Land is Sam’s first feature. Previously his short film; Two Dosas, funded by Film London was voted best film in their London Calling Plus category by David Yates and then went on to be long listed for both a BAFTA and an Oscar after picking up numerous awards on the festival circuit; winning at London Short Film Festival, Aspen shortsfest, River to River in Florence and Shufflefest voted by Danny Boyle. Sam also wrote and directed Adha Cupwhich was the first Urdu language drama commissioned by Channel Four, going on to develop it as a six part TV series with the BBC.

Runtime: 90 minutes

Language: Urdu

Genre: Drama

Country: Pakistan

Pakistani flag

Short Film: Kachrachi

About the Film

Kachrachi is a satirical short film, which touches upon certain malign elements that are turning a once vibrant and dynamic metropolitan into a lackluster and callous city where most people are surviving rather than living a quality life. The title “Kachrachi” is a combination of the Urdu word for trash (Kachra) and the city Karachi.

Cast: Nazar ul Hasan

Director: Ali Mehdi

Ali Mehdi is a Director, Screenwriter, and Producer from Pakistan. Born in Karachi in Dec 1978, Mehdi graduated BBA in advertising and completed his Post Graduate in film studies from London College of Music & Media – Thames Valley University in 2006. In his early career, he’s worked in advertising as a concept writer & account executive and has worked with leading industry professionals in commercial direction; he has done a number of Ad films for major brands in Pakistan. He has also assisted Amina Khan and Jamshed Raza (Jami) as an Assistant Director to hone his skills in the art of film-making.

Runtime: 12 minutes

Genre: Drama

Language: Urdu

Country: Pakistan

Pakistani flag

Short Film: Gandhi vs Justice

About the Film

The story, inspired from true life events, is of a middle class man, Professor Narayan Gandhi , whose small house in an old building which stood in an upscale area of Mumbai, has been usurped by a unscrupulous builder. The builder is required to give Prof. an apartment in the newly redeveloped multi-storied building constructed on the land where Professor Gandhi’s old house stood but refuses to give his house, knowing very well that he can manipulate the Judicial system to deprive the Prof. of his rights, just as he as done with other owners.

Cast: Gyan Prakash, Shahnawaz Pradhan, Shruti Sharma, Ashique Hussain, Sanjay Gurbaxani, Deepak Kriplani, Sandeep Bose, Ashwani Kumar, Princy Sudhakaran

Director: Pratik Khandhadiya

Having started his career as an Asstn Director in Hindi feature film ‘Raja Hindustani’, Pratik went on to work on TV commercials for various clients with Mobius and Palette Ad.Production Houses and Advertising Agencies in Mumbai. Having had his fill of TVC’s he took a sabbatical to rediscover himself and found social issues which plague Indian Society intriguing, one of which he has highlighted and Written and Directed into ‘Gandhi v/s Tareekh Pe Tareekh’ ( Gandhi v/s Justice).

Runtime: 20 minutes

Genre: Drama

Language: Hindi

Country: India

Indian flag