Jhalki (Feature Film), Qualify (Short Film), Ok! Silexatania (Short Film)

Feature Film: Jhalki


Saturday, Sept 21st 2019
6:00 PM at

About the Film    

In a twinkle of an eye, a life-altering disappearance of her 7-year old kid brother sets Jhalki off on a mission to find him at all costs. Armed with an intimate folk-tale of a tireless sparrow and her own charming presence of mind, Jhalki embarks on a relentless journey to find and free her brother. Unaware and ignorant of the deep-rooted corruption and cobwebs of the system, Jhalki takes on the monstrous and the conniving with a purity of pursuit that is at once uplifting and inspirational.

Is Jhalki’s journey the start of a spiral that will change the lives of thousands for good? What price must she pay to get what she wants? Inspired by true events, with a backdrop of human-trafficking and child-labour, Jhalki becomes an atypical thriller of hope, courage, self-belief and perseverance in an inhuman world, seen through the eyes of a 9-year-old girl, who will not stop anywhere short of a triumph.

With stunning visuals, breakthrough performances and a beautiful soundtrack, Jhalki is a heartfelt drama of love, adventure and intrigue, which is at once thought-provoking and poetic.

Screened at Cannes and NYIFF in 2019

Post Screening Discussion with Director Brahmanand Singh

DC Premiere

Cast: Boman Irani, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Sanjay Suri, Divya Dutta, Govind Namdev, Akhilendra Mishra, Joy Sengupta, Aarti Jha, Goraksh Sakpal

Director: Brahmanand S Singh

Brahmanand S Siingh is a very unique combination of being an outstanding, multiple award-winning and well recognized filmmaker, a vastly published author and a Life Coach. He has also been nominated for REX-Karmaveer-Chakra Awards, in partnership with the United Nations, for transforming lives through social impact projects and ideas of hope.

He has been vastly recognized for his experiential and inspirational biopics on iconic legends like RD Burman and Jagjit Singh (Pancham Unmixed & Kaagaz Ki Kashti), movies that have acquired a cult status, in addition to social and emotional cause-based films like Jhalki, a story of hope, courage, compassion and self-belief against the backdrop of a story of lost childhood & human trafficking. Many other films like Riding on a Sunbeam, Through our Eyes, Ashgari Bai, Ragpickers, Uncaging the Body and A Burden of Love continue to be popular and loved.

He has been invited to be on the Jury, film and script selection committee of various International Film Festivals and award platforms. He also conducts filmmaking and scriptwriting workshops in film festivals and institutes.

Runtime: 105 minutes

Language: Hindi,with English subtitles

Genre: Drama

Country: India

Indian flag

Short Film: Qualify

About the Film

Every night, Jamal, an immigrant doctor, wipes the tables, log’s the day’s sale, and generate the next day’s schedule. While the restaurant is about to close, a customer, David, comes in with a limp on crutches. As Jamal attends the customer, he hopes to help him, but to do so, he needs his approval, in which David declines. However, with the knowledge Jamal have and the pain David is having, Jamal can’t resist but help him.

Post Screening Discussion with Film Makers

Cast: Kash Sridhar, Jesse Marciniak

Director: Alaa Zabara

Founder of Zabara Films, Alaa Zabara is a Yemeni-American director and cinematographer who was born in New York and raised in Sana’a, Yemen. Alaa is a story teller and strive to tell stories that needs to be told and be the voice of those who can not be heard. Cinematographer of an official selection short documentary “Cultivation and Community” in Virginia Film Festival, Washington West, and Docs in progress. Alaa has recently completed short narrative film “Qualify” (2019) and currently in pre-production on her short film “Selahy” where it will be shot in Lebanon.

Runtime: 6.15 minutes

Language: English

Genre: Drama

Country: USA

American flag

Short Film: Ok! Silexatania

About the Film

An uninitiated Tech nerd Jennifer converses with her electronics assistant(s) to enquire about a company location inducing a comedy of errors. Can Jennifer escape the assistants recommendations and attend her meeting? Is modern technology and e-assistants taking over our lives? Ask Ok! Silexatana.


Post Screening Discussion with Film Makers

Cast: Sonal Mazumder

Director: Sonal Mazumder

Sonal Mazumder is a scientist with a PhD in Engineering and a multi-disciplinary artist based in Maryland. She is a career woman, an actor, a dancer and a philanthropist.She is the founder and director of her dance company Dancilla and SunnySky Productions. She is also associated with several local theater groups and find keen interest in acting and film-making. From laboratory to camera she believes in “It’s a big world out there, go explore.”

Runtime: 8 minutes

Language: English

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Country: USA

American flag