Das Capital

DCSAFF 2015 is offering a unique way to spend your Saturday. Pick a movie, have pizza and enjoy Karaoke with DJ Rajiv Paul.

Event begins at 6PM on Saturday, Sept 26th at Courtyard Marriott Rio

Movie to choose:
Das Capital (Tribute to DOP Rajen Kothari)
and Meet his son Actor, Director and Instructor Pratik Kothari.


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DAS CAPITAL: A tribute to Rajan Kothari

The story belongs to that region of this universe where slaves reside. Drought and floods are the only by-products. Ministers survive on riches they harvest from the relief funds. Administration celebrates in the times of Natural Calamities and get high on the dance and songs by the Eunuchs. A Corrupt official gets absolved of charges by purporting his wife as prostitute. Satraps kill the young and the innocent in cold blood. His goons kidnap a nurse while tending a critically ill patient and perpetrate rape in a public hospital.

What does our protagonist Purshottam Ram, under siege from the politicians and Government Officers do for Survival is Das Capital. What recourse will younger generations opt for is symbolized in Bhuletana’s outburst.

Directed by Rajen Kothari
rajenRenowned cinematographer, Rajen Kothari worked with several Directors including: Shyam Benegal, Prakash Jha and Rajkumar Santoshi. A graduate from the FILM & TELEVISION INSTITUTE OF INDIA, Rajen practiced as a Cinematographer for over 35years. Having been one of the many co-producers on the Gujarati classic Bhavni Bhawai, Rajen strived to play an important role in the production of several projects. Rajen also co-produced the cult television series Arjun Pandit (starring Raghuvir Yadav) which was aired on BiTV. Rajen’s notable films include: Ghayal, Godmother, Zubeidaa, Mritydand, Dil Kya Kare and Damul.