History of Films Workshop

Hosted by: Professor David Rothman, Montgomery College and Mansoor Ahmed Overview: Don’t just sit there and let the film you are watching fly by you. Taking an active role in watching the film by recognizing the various narrative genre forms … Continue reading

Sept 22nd 2019 /9:00 AM /Theater Arts Bldg

Smash (Feature Film), No Time, Son (Short Film)

India (Rajasthani (Hindi))

Sept 22nd 2019 /11:30 PM /Parilla

Ask the Sexpert (Documentary), Forbidden Tikka Masala (Short Film)

India (English/Hindi)

Sept 22nd 2019 /11:30 AM /Music Recital Hall

Daughters of the Polo God (Feature Film), Tina (Short Film)

India (English)

Sept 22nd 2019 /2:30 PM /Parilla

Short Films Special: Dream One, Chained, The Unexpected

India & USA (Hindi & English)

Sept 22nd 2019 /2:00 PM /Music Recital Hall

Closing Night 2019, The Last Color (Feature Film), Aapke Aa Jane Se (Short Film)

Sept 22nd 2019 /Starts at 4:00 PM /Parilla