Bonjour JI


About the Film

Bonjour Ji is a short film that shows that the assumptions we keep about other races, religions and cultures decide our interaction with them. Bonjour Ji asserts that our behavior driven by assumptions is the real reason such assumptions grow and spread. Bonjour Ji revolves around two characters who feel sidelined by each other’s community. But when they meet, they realize how a change in their perspective on other people can drive different behavior out of the same people.

Director: Satinder Kassoana

Cast: Rup Magon, Benjamin Meneghini, Alice Tixidre, Kenny Wong, Mark Aylward, Srishtie Banga, Astrida Auza, Simon Belanger, Manveer Singh, Daphnee Duval, Satinder Kassoana, Joan Gosselin, Cindy Piché Bernier, Sabrina Djoghlaf, Tiffany Lu, Yan Nie, Karine Turcot

7:00PM, Just before the main feature film
Friday, 25th Sept

Venue: AMC

Runtime: 15 Minutes

Country: Canada

Language: Subtitles in English

Genre: Drama