Opening Film: Bankster

Bankster posterAbout the Film

Set in the fictional ‘Empire City,’ this is a story of three friends Sameer, Akash and Sid. Three young boys who could be considered same as any other normal urban boys in their youth…the catch – they mastermind bank robberies.
A mobster Babbar tasks them with three big jobs. The beginning, the middle and the end.! A bank; an armoured truck carrying a lot of money; and a cricket stadium. They must carry out these heists amidst their friction with Babbar and a ruthless CBU officer Vinod Deshmukh breathing down their neck. Are prison and Death the only way out?

North American & USA Premiere

Post Screening Discussion with Zeenat Aman, Faizan Khawaja, Akash Dhar and Director Azaan Khan

Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Shehzad Sheikh, Faizan Khawaja, Siddhartha Dixit, Akash Dhar

Director: Azaan Khan

Azaan Khan is an actor and director, known for Bankster (2017), Dil (1990) and Gang (2000). Azaan studied film making at Whistling Woods.

Runtime: 100 minutes

Language: English/Hindi (with English Subtitles)

Genre: Action, Drama

Country: India

Indian flag

Short Film: Clash of Morality
Clash of Morality posterAbout the Film

Mohamed & Richard stuck in an elevator clash upon their morals. Mohamed confronts Richard upon being judged for his look & his religion.

Maryland Premiere

Post Screening Discussion with Director Vijay Pujara

Cast: Hesh Sarmalkar, Cory Boughton


Vijay PujaraDirector: Vijay Pujara

Vinay Pujara is an India born filmmaker. Having started in Bollywood as an actor and then as an Assistant Director.  After taking classes at NYU’s filmmaking school as well as others in 2012, he has since completed 9 short films. His company “Sun Om Productions Inc.” is outputting content with strong themes. Vinay has valued his films in the sense of being fearless pieces that tell a story from a view that is not often seen.  His past short films have been screened at film festivals around the globe as well as have won some awards.

Runtime: 17 minutes

Language: English

Country: USA

American flag