5 Rupya

Opening Film: 5 Rupya

Friday, Sept 7th, 2018
6:30 PM at

About the Film

“Children moved to tears as special screening of director Piyush’s ‘5Rupiya’ strikes a chord.” – Times Of India

“Shabana Azmi plays grandma, brings Premchand’s story alive.” – Times Of India

Relationships reach greater depths through small gestures and simple acts driven by innocence. ‘5 RUPYA’ is an emotive journey between a grandmother and her grandson. It is a heart touching story about love and the faith in love. Ameena is a poor old grandmother who lives in a tiny village in the foothills of the

Himalayas, with her 7-year-old grandson Hamid. It’s the last day of Ramadan and Hamid is excited by the prospect of breaking his final fast and celebrating Eid and going to the fair with his friends. But when the five-rupee coin his grandmother has been saving for his Eid gift goes missing, a chain of events start that end up with grandmother and grandson discovering hidden sides to each other.

A Munshi Premchand Story

Official Selection Dubai International Film Festival, December 2017

Official Selection Stockholm International Film Festival April 2018

Post Screening discussion with Director Piyush Chandrakant Panjuani

Cast: Shabana Azmi, Yohan Panjuani

Director: Piyush C Panjuani

An avid filmmaker for over 18 years, Piyush has produced and directed almost 250 advertising films. The creative genesis began with a passionate experience as a theateractor. After graduating in Marketing Management, he worked his way into the advertising world, from an assistant director to building his own ad film production company, EQUUS. The theater experience became his training ground that brought out his sensitivities to a wide range of human emotions and expressions. His memorable role in theater was acting the protagonist in the adaptation of Peter Sheaffers classic, EQUUS, which also won Piyush a lot of accolades. The experience and the impact remained so strong that he named his company after it. His roots are deeply embedded in India and in its culture. He has successfully shot / post produced TV commercials in countries like Australia, UK, Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai, and Africa. The global experience has allowed him to successfully communicate a cinematic language of storytelling that has a universal appeal.His films have won almost a dozen awards. He has been on the panel of Jury (Film Craft) for prestigious Advertising Awards and was the chairperson of the Jury – Abby 2013.

Runtime: 82 minutes

Language: Urdu/Hindi

Genre: Drama

Country: India

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